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Q. Do you accept international orders?
A: Yes, we accept international orders and can ship worldwide.

Q: Can I return and exchange purchased item?
A: will replace a product at no cost to the customer if the product is delivered ONLY under EITHER ONE of the following conditions:

- Wrong product delivered - If you received a wrong product due to our shipping mistake, please notify us within 3 business days from the receipt of your order. We will arrange you the return of the wrong product at our own expense plus sending you again the correct product; Or.

- Defective Product - If you received a defective product, please notify us within 3 business days from the receipt of your order and please send us the defective product(s) within 7 business days. After the receipt of your returned product(s), we will carry out the product quality check. If we confirmed product(s) is/are defective, we will send you a replacement order immediately.

*No returns will be accepted if you failed to contact us within 3 business days from receipt of your order, regardless of any given reasons.

Q.Do you accept sample order?

A. Yes ,we accept sample order .but will add 30% charge on the price of goods.

Q. What delivery methods will you use?

A. We can offer almost all express methods for customers . Include EMS,
DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT,SODEXI and so on .For safe and fast express ,to
different destination, we will select a best way to send your parcel by experience.

How long dose it take to deliver the goods to our customers?
For the available stock items,   Delivery will be in 2 working days after full payment with shipping charge received ,after your goods been send out,we will send you a track number. you can check status of your goods online. usually the parcel will reach your  door about 5-7 days .
For the items which are not available in stock, Standard delivery is 3-4 weeks. On large orders delivery times will be discussed before accepting orders.

Q. Do you offer customized making?
We can tailor-made your designs, and engrave your logo on our product.

. Do you produce a Catalogue?
A. We do not at this point in time.

. What are the materials of the jewelry?
A: Stainless steel , Titanium & Tungsten.

. Do your company send free samples?
Q: We couldn't send free samples. You are welcome to place a trial order to test the quality of our products.

. If I want wholesale, can your company give me a discount?
A: Of course .we give you a discount upon your order. The more you order , the more discount you will get. If you need more information about our specific discount policy, please contact our customer service by email.

Q. Is the price expressed on your website as US Dollar?

A: Yes, but you can pay by Pounds, Euros with the same value.

Q. Whether does the customer need to pay the customs duty?

A: Yes. It is an international convention that the customer has to bear the tariff.

Q. Can the necklace be lengthened or shortened?

A: Generally, our jewelry are made according to international standard size. If the length you want to change, we will quote you the new prices according to your special requirement.

Q. Can I pay part of the remit first, and then the rest after receiving the goods?

A: We are afraid not. On the one hand, divided payment will only increase unnecessary expend for you. On the other hand, we are a company with a good reputation established around the world. If you are not so confident in shopping at our store, you are suggested to place a small order for the first time. After you confirm our credit, we may set up long-term cooperation with each other.

Q.Comparative advantage over other materials

     Gold: A soft metal that releases nickel with minimal design flexibility.
     Silver: An oxidizing metal that changes its color rapidly.
     Pewter: A soft metal that tarnish and brakes easily.
     Brass: An inferior metal with high allergic reactions.
     Lower levels of steel: Tough metals that may release nickel salts into the body and skin surface.

316L stainless steel Jewelry
     Never Tarnish
     Never Change color
     Hypoallergenic, does not have any allergic reactions.
     Does not Break.
     Does not release nickel salts

Titanium Jewelry
Titanium is light weight ,hard and highly resists to corrosion. Its darkgrey color gives jewelry a cool look.
Tungsten Jewelry

     High polish that remains forever.
     Reflective surfaces.
Although not related to the stainless steel and titanium group, it matches the hypoallergenic qualities of these metals. Tungsten is environmentally friendly and does not release nickel or any other salts into the body.

If you have any other questions not list above , please contact us by MAN/MAIL :
We will reply you within 24 hours .