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Dear all customers,if you want to check your order at any time that placed online in our website,please login as a member first then placed the order again.But if you do not as a member to place the order directly then can not check it again at anytime,please note that,thanks.

E-mail order-form,please download from here; Order form

Dear customers,the following download files are the pictures showing in our website without any our logo mark,if you want,please try to download all of them from the below,thanks:(by the way,as the Tungsten Bracelets & Titanium Bracelets in the download files,due to high cost,most of them most of time are out of stock,but can make orders,most style at least order 30pcs to 50pcs is ok,delivery time is about 30-45days,please note that,thanks. And we really have lots of different styles,aslo the fluidness of merchandise on hand is quite unstable,it is too hard for us to keep all in stock buying stock items is like this; we only can send what we have in stock of the items that you want to buy.only can send the ones that in stock when you order at that time.)

Remark:please try to download the following files if we had renewed them,all the new styles will be the frist time to put into our website then to the files for download again, thanks.(Need the password to open the download Winrar files,please e-mail us with your details to ask for it,thanks.But some customers only keep to using our pictures but never order from us or only make a small order then ask us for the password and later miss nver order from us again,if like that,it is too bad for a business man to do so)

yyc jewelry 38pcs new designs uploaded20140101

yyc jewelry 27pcs new designs uploaded2013.12.26

yyc jewelry 45pcs new designs uploaded 2013.10.10

yyc jewelry 28pcs new designs uploaded 2013.09.09

yyc jewelry 37pcs new designs uploaded 2013.09.03

yyc jewelry 61pcs new designs uploaded 2013.07.09

yyc jewelry 76pcs new designs uploaded 2013.05.12

yyc jewelry 156pcs new designs uploaded 2013.04.26

YYC New Casting Pendants & Rings total 106 designs

YYC Fashion Jewelry(Stainless Steel Bracelets) Stock items 2012.12.09

YYC Fashion Jewelry(Ceramic Collection) Stock items 2012.12.08

YYC Fashion Jewelry(Stainless Steel Match Jewelry) Stock items 2012.12.07

YYC Fashion Jewelry(Stainless Steel Earrings) Stock items 2012.12.07

YYC Fashion Jewelry(Stainless Steel Bangles) Stock items 2012.12.06

YYC Fashion Jewelry(Alloy Material) Stock items 2012.12.06

yyc jewelry 49pcs new designs uploaded 2012.11.06

yyc jewelry 42pcs new designs uploaded 2012.10.30

yyc jewelry 64pcs new designs uploaded 2012.10.28

yyc jewelry 101pcs new designs uploaded 2012.10.20

yyc jewelry 57pcs new designs uploaded 2012.09.27

yyc jewelry 49pcs new designs uploaded 2012.09.24

yyc jewelry 67pcs new designs uploaded 2012.08.08

yyc jewelry 35pcs new designs uploaded 2012.08.06

yyc jewelry 65pcs new designs uploaded 2012.08.03

yyc jewelry 79pcs new designs uploaded 2012.0729

New added from 12.04.18 to 12.04.22 (without any logo on the pictures)
New added from 12.04.18 to 12.04.22 (without any logo on the pictures)

New added from 12.04.10 to 12.04.13 (without any logo on the pictures)
New added from 12.04.10 to 12.04.13 (without any logo on the pictures)

New added from 12.02.24 to 12.02.28 (without any logo on the pictures)
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